A dream come true, as I launched Mtimtoto Matunda, an initiative under my rallying call Sima Wukiwa. In a bid of combatting poverty and an effort to contribute towards climate action.

I have started distribution of 16,000 hass avocado seedlings to pupils in grade 3, 4 and 5 (a pledge i had made during campaigns) in the next 6 months. I brought from Nairobi 3,500 already grafted, 2,500 root stocks and 10,000 seeds ready to start off the Mtitimtoto~Matunda initiative. This is in addition to Mtimtoto~Mazingira for infants that has been going on for two years now.

In partnership with Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS), I brought in officers to train 20 youths under my Badilisha Maisha youth movement on how to graft and establish an avocado nursery. The training continues tomorrow after which we shall have local expertise to propagate enough not only for my onward distibution to school going children but also to farmers at an affordable price. Currently a seedling cost 350/= here in Wundanyi, meaning the 16000 will have costed us Kes. 5,600,000 at market price.

Why Hass Avocado??

It takes 5 years for maximum production but it will start producing at 3 years. A tree will give 1,000 fruits from year 5 and sells at Kes.10 bob each. Life span 4p years. Meaning an avacado tree will fetch Kes.10,000 minimum (however current price per Kg is 75 bob)

So with the 16,000 trees (assuming 90% success rate) we shall earn Kes.144,500,000 from year 5. This will translate into money in people’s pocket and therefore improving the living standards of our people and hence reducing poverty levels. Every household with 5 trees will earn a minimum of Kes.50,000, an amount adequate to take their child to boarding secondary school.

My plan is to distribute 50,000 in three years, and sensitise/rally my community to purchase on their own from the trained youths and other suppliers another 50,000, we shall have a total of 100,000. Translating to Kes.1 billion pumped into the Wundanyi economy…..I cant wait… I am convicted that one day this will be a reality..and achieve my vision of Sima Wukiwa. I have developed a

monitoring tool that will ensure success of this initiative.

The distribution started today afternoon with class five pupils of Ng’onda, Kungu and Mbauro Primary getting 5 seadlings each. The distribution exercise continues next week.

I am embarking on a research around Pixie Oranges for the lowlands. Helping me in this is Mr. Eric Kiongo an agronomist who played a key role in Makueni’s success in Pixie orange production


Doubled University numbers in 2 years and Over Kes. One million in fees support for freshers, Wundanyi Constituency.

In 2 years we have doubled our numbers of students Joining university….This year a total of 108 students made it compared to 53 in 2018 and 84 in 2019. Thanks to our #BoreshaMatokeoInititive and #UniversityDirectProgram.

In summary: we had 7 A-, 17 B+, 23 B, 33 B-, 28 C+ total 108. Split in locations as below:

Wundanyi -28, Mghage- 24, Werugha-16, Mbale- 13, Wumingu- 11, Mwanda- 12, Kishushe- 4

These initiatives encompasses financial support to help all our qualified students have a smooth start. That is why from our CDF kitty we managed to disburse Kes. 1,080,000 to go towards first semester fees, each student getting Kes.10,000. In addition we facilitate these students to access HELB, so that none of our students misses out on these students loans.

Yesterday at Werugha CDF Multi Purpose Hall, I joined parents and their children in celebrating these lifetime achievement. In addition as has been our norm now we held a university pre-exposure seminar to psychologically prepare our children and parents for university education. This year we brought together key resource persons to speak to my students and parents. They included Prof.

Kiptanui J.A Too, PHD, DVC Taita Taveta University (TTU), who was the Chief Guest, Mr. Mseri a Student counsellor at TTU and HELB officer Charity Ndingila, Undugu Mentorship CEO Elizabeth Mbinga and our Subcounty Director of Education Mr. Jilo. We also had our students, Jackline Mwazighe who graduated last year and attained a first class Honours degree and our best student in Taita Taveta 2018 Mr. Wangio currently pursuing degree in Medicine and Surgery sharing their university story with these freshers.

We are keeping the moments.. we shall not relent in matters development… we are enhancing our pool of future professions…. we have hit the transformation button… Wundanyi Constituency will not remain the same again.

Present included KESSHA, KEPSHA officials, Local Administrators and Local Village Elders.